Carbonpedia | Platform of Carbon Footprint

New open database on Carbon Footprint of entities, products and events.

Centered in Spain, Carbonpedia has the support of the Biodiversity Foundation of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.
The project's objective is to promote the collection, reporting and dissemination of carbon footprint as a measure to improve the transparency of entities (public and private) in terms of climate policy.
There exists in Spain a record or database that collects all results from studies of carbon footprint made ​​in Spain, although organizations have already made this information public.
Carbonpedia is a database open public through a website where any registered user can upload information on carbon footprints of organizations, events and products to the platform. ECODES is the manager who reviews the platform and the source of information provided by users before allowing publication on the web.
Carbonpedia is freely accessible, also for the retrieval of information through its web / carbonpedia. On the technical side, the database has been designed under the philosophy opendata and performed in MySQL and XML, JSON (API) systems that facilitate the dissemination of information recorded.








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