EU Aids | ECO-INNOVATION Program 2013

New call for Eco-Innovation, aimed at SMEs and with a grant of up to 50% on innovation and environmental benefits. (Until September 5)

Eco-Innovation Call 2013
Energy, transport, environment, competitiveness and innovation in Europe today faces extraordinary challenges but also great opportunities. To efficiently meet the programs and initiatives in these areas high-quality European, the European Commission has launched the Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (EACI).

If your company has a market-oriented project, supported by sustainable solutions that make better use of natural resources and reduce the negative impact of production activities on the environment, from sm can help them process the support of Eco-Innovation, because up to 50% of investments may be subsidized by the program.

Eco-innovation 2013 is funding the best projects in innovation, environmental benefits, replication potential, commercialization and economic impact.

The priorities of the program are:

  • Recycled projects to improve recycling processes of waste, to strengthen the competitiveness of the recycling industries and develop new solutions and innovative products using recycled materials.
  • Sustainable products and materials for the building: projects that include innovative products for the construction sector, a better use of materials and renewable resources.
  • Industry food and beverage projects including topics such as developing production processes, new services and cleaner packaging, innovations that address waste reduction, recycling and recovery, and generally oriented design process more efficient water management.
  • "Green Business": innovative products that reduce environmental impacts and resource consumption, substitution by other materials with less environmental impact and resource efficiency, clean production processes.
  • Processes, products and technologies efficient water consumption reduction of at least 30% in use, innovative systems for water reuse and recycling for residential, municipal, industrial and agricultural water consumption free processes, treatment and management Wastewater: solutions that provide greater efficiency and reduce environmental impact smart distribution systems in order to save water, chemicals, energy and materials.

The deadline for nominations is September 5 2013. From sm we help you the analysis and renewal proposals, conducting the negotiations for the documentary presentation of projects. If you have a good project, there is still time.


Eco-Innovation Call 2013
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