International festival of Environmental Film

Returns the 21st edition of the International Festival of Environmental Film (FICMA). (From 6 to 13 Nov'2014) 
The FICMA is the oldest environment film festival of its kind worldwide. Opened in 1993 in Barcelona, ​​the pageant is held annually in Barcelona. It is the only section that has a competitive production that does not accept more than one year old in the year edition of the event, putting him ahead of festivals this subject. Festival internationally recognized in 2000 the FICMA received the Prince's Award, Community Award, awarded by the European Environment Agency and the EC Prince's Foundation Award. 
The FICMA opened a window to give the role of audiovisual education, awareness and reporting, as well as entertain. Since then, maintains and defends that "the environment is a human right," a common good with the relevance and importance to our lives and the planet. 
Ecology, culture, economy, migration processes, wars, indiscriminate logging, social issues, among many other things, form the essence of why this festival emerged and made his way to the present. 
It has encouraged joint ventures with the Foundation and Robert Redford's Sundance Film Festival, Tree Media with Leonardo DiCaprio -producers editing a DVD-free distribution with two short films produced by the actor, and actively collaborates in teaching and education through the largest library in the world (over 4,000 productions courtesy of the authors and producers for this purpose). 

During these 21 years of FICMA many in the world of politics, and human rights world cinema have gathered to give her support, solidarity and contribute their bit. It was also the first festival launched a procurement policy, involving large global television channels such as National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, HBO, TVE, Odyssey and Art, among many others. 
The FICMA has taken his first steps as a disturbing and annoying to some project; necessary and healthy for others. Over the years and walking, it was becoming an internationally recognized and referenced reality. Today, on the threshold of the two decades of his birth, we could say that the International Festival of Environmental Film, popularly known as FICMA, is more than a reality is a necessary public service and committed. 
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