June 5 | World Environment Day (WED)

"Seven billion dreams. One Planet. Consume with care" is the theme for WED 2015.

The World Environment Day (WED) is the biggest global celebration for positive action for the environment. Established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972. WED is celebrated every year on June 5. It is the primary vehicle through which the United Nations sensitized about the importance of the environment, promoting political attention and action. WED gives a human perspective on environmental issues, helping people to become active agents for sustainable development and advocates partnerships to support the environment.


Italy has been appointed host of the global celebrations of World Environment Day (WED) on 5 June in a public announcement made jointly by the Government of Italy and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP ).
The theme of World Environment Day this year is the efficient use of resources and sustainable production and consumption in the context of the regenerative capacity of the planet, as it captures the slogan, "Seven billion dreams. One Planet. I consumed in moderation "chosen by the world community through their votes on social networks and thus confirming the global nature of this global day.
WED 2015 celebrations have been organized in the famous Expo will attract over 20 million visitors. The Milan Expo takes place from May 1 to October 31 and is scheduled to participate in it more than 140 countries and a significant number of international organizations.
One of the three international days of the United Nations team of the Exhibition has decided to celebrate is the World Environment Day which will support and complement the exhibition theme "Feeding the planet - Energy for life", in which will demonstrate technologies, ideas and solutions that can help ensure healthy, safe and available to all food, while the planet and its balance is respected. 


In the announcement, the deputy secretary general of the United Nations and UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner noted that "while in industrialized countries a large part of resource consumption occurs, unsustainable modes of consumption are spreading throughout the world, with the expectation that three billion middle class consumers join the world population in 2030 - many of them from emerging economies."
"Food production is one of the most obvious examples of unsustainable consumption modes, with 1.3 billion tonnes of food wasted each year and a billion people in malnutrition." This is a matter that UNEP is addressing with partners such as the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) through the joint campaign against food waste, Piensa.Aliméntate.Ahorra. Thus, we are pleased that the theme of the exhibition also focuses on sustainable food systems."
"The World Environment Day provides an important opportunity to identify solutions, regenerate our consumer culture and create a more sustainable society where everyone has food to live and at the same time regenerative capacity of the planet is respected. It is time to realize that 'our efforts more' poses to the planet, health, future and the future of our children", he said.
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