Pilot test | return system for beverage packaging

The test will be conducted by the entity Retorna between April 15 and June 30 in Cadaqués (Girona)


Soft drinks, waters, juices and bottled beers in plastic bottles under three liters and / or cans will have a five-cent deposit that is refunded when you return the container at one of 10 partner establishments.

Waste Agency of Catalonia, has announced that the town Cadaqués is chosen to pilot the Deposit System and Return beverage containers for single use (DRS). The test will be held between April 15 and June 30. Temporarily, the Catalan town will become the first of the Mediterranean have a return system for beverage containers of a single use. This project is driven by the Catalan Foundation for Waste Reduction and Responsible Consumption, and the nonprofit entity returns, and with the collaboration of the Catalan Waste Agency, who will follow up and evaluation.

The system operates as follows: when consumers buy a drink in a plastic bottle less than 3 liters and / or a can of juice, soda and / or beer, leave a deposit of five cents. In return the empty container to any of the 10 partner establishments of the municipality, recover that amount. The return of the containers are made manually in small shops and supermarkets automatically. The system will coexist with those in the yellow container, which will deposit the rest of their packaging. This test will analyze the impact of a DRS from the standpoint of social, economic and environmental and assess the level of return of deposit containers.
The DRS is a system that works in some forty countries and regions around the world. In countries where it operates are up to 98% recycled beverage packaging for single use. The pilot opens a way to prevent the 9 million beverage containers are consumed every day in Catalonia, 5.5 complete discharges, burned or dispersed in our environment.

The director of the Waste Agency of Catalonia, Josep Maria Tost, explained that the pilot of Cadaques is aimed at finding solutions for the future. "We are in a 41% collection and match us want to be ambitious for Europe's leaders," he assured. "In Cadaques more cans will not be abandoned in the village or in their environment," he added.
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