Voluntary agreements to reduce CO2

sm adheres to Voluntary agreements Program to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases driven by the Catalan Office for Climate Change. 

Voluntary agreement to reduce CO2CO2 reduction voluntary commitment powered by the Catalan Office for Climate Change, voluntary agreements with organizations, groups and entities of Catalonia to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases are set. These agreements are intended to be a key instrument in the wide range of public policies on climate change.

Following the experiments carried out in other European countries, it has been found that the agreements between the public and private sectors are a very good tool to advance on the path to sustainability. According to the framework Plan for Climate Change Mitigation, these actions can contribute to the annual reduction of 590,000 tons of CO2eq.

Thus sm acquired (from 12/18/2013) voluntary commitment to track emissions and establish measures that contribute to its reduction, beyond what the law requires.
Voluntary Agreements Program is based on three key points:

  • the inventory
  • approach measures
  • the implementation of these measures

Of these three points, a number of data whose publication is considered useful to ensure transparency of voluntary agreements. Thus, the program also becomes a tool of awareness and mutual understanding of experiences to reduce emissions.

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