World Environment Day (WED) 2014

On June 5 is celebrated WED established by the United Nations with the slogan "Speak Out, not sea level." 
Worldwide it is the World Environment Day (WED) on Thursday June 5th. This was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972. This is one of the principal vehicles through which the United Nations stimulates worldwide awareness about the environment and enhances political attention and action. 
The World Environment Day (WED) is one of the main tools of the United Nations to promote awareness and action for the environment worldwide. Over the years, this celebration has grown into a global platform that includes people from over 100 countries. Furthermore, it is YOUR DAY, the day that you act for the environment, so that the sum of all individual actions generate a large positive impact on the planet. 
Previous editions of the World Environment Day discussed issues such as caring for the land and water, the ozone layer, climate change, desertification and sustainable development, or food waste last year. 
The World Environment Day 2014 will focus on Small Island Developing States in support of the appointment of the United Nations 2014 International Year of SIDS (acronym), linking this with climate change. Specifically, the slogan chosen to reflect the theme was "Raise your voice, not sea level.
The aim is to focus public attention on these areas because of the SIDS International Conference to be held in September and explain the importance of these; and the urgent need to protect the islands of the growing risks and challenges they face as a result of climate change. The World Environment Day is an excellent opportunity to ask all solidarity with small islands. 
Barbados, the host country for World Environment Day 2014 
The Caribbean island was chosen by the Environment Programme of the United Nations (UNEP) for hosting the celebrations of the World Environment Day (WED). The choice of Barbados is justified, UNEP, for the "big steps" taken "to reduce their climate impact and provide renewable and clean energy-as well as opportunities for economic growth green- and its inhabitants." Thus, it is mentioned that "among other things, Barbados is committed to increasing the percentage of renewable energy on the island for 29 percent of its energy consumption by 2029". That fact, according to the government, would reduce electricity costs by an estimated 283.5 million dollars and CO2 emissions by 4.5 million tons. 
Solar water heaters are widely used on the island, with facilities in nearly half of the houses. Only in 2002, Barbados stopped issuing 15,000 metric tons of carbon, more than 100 million dollars have been saved by the 35,000 systems installed before. The use of such systems is the largest worldwide. 
According to Achim Steiner, (Secretary General of the United Nations) "Small Island Developing States of the world are facing many risks associated with climate change, rising temperatures have adversely affected agriculture and increased sea ​​levels threaten the existence of some nations. "
Every Action Counts. The World Environment Day is the time to realize that caring for the earth is everyone's responsibility and become agents of change.
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