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Call 2014 for the selection of projects to reduce CO2 emissions in sectors not subject to emission trading (Until 15 march)

The February 15, 2014 the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment opened the call 2014 to the selection of projects climate, referring to projects reducing emissions of CO2 in Spain in diffuse sources, whose emission reductions are purchased under the bottom FES-CO2 carbon. The diffuse sources are those that are not subject to emissions trading and representing 60 % of our emissions (residential, transport, waste). This approach is intended to support and promote low carbon activities by purchasing verified emission reductions generated.
The call is open to proposals from companies, public bodies, NGOs, associations... without any limitation on participation to any individual.

Eligible projects must be located in Spain and grown in facilities and sectors not subject to trading scheme allowances. Is not covered under this scheme project development emission absorption by sinks. In addition, the emission reductions gained through FES- CO2 require compliance with certain requirements , including those set out in Article 7 of the RD 1494/2011. A climate project can be either a new construction or an existing project that is improved. In both cases it is necessary that the project complies with the requirements of the notice.


Project selection will take into account the criteria set out in RD 1494/2011 and listed in the guidance document for submission of proposals. Among others, the following aspects are considered:

  • economic efficiency or cost of abatement,
  • emission reduction potential,
  • financial sustainability in the long term,
  • additionality
  • economic, environmental and social benefits associated
  • capacity reflected in the inventory.

The climate projects can be renewable energy projects, energy conservation and efficiency, emissions reduction, waste treatment, etc. Not covered under this scheme project development emission absorption by sinks. Some examples of projects are: Heat production from renewables, replacement furnaces and boilers, building renovation, Changes transport models, digesters, biogas uses, biofuels or fuels with lower CO2 emission per km, etc.

In sm we can help them develop the necessary documents (PIN and PD), essential for the presentation of projects to the call. If you have a project to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) and need financing, Climate Projects can help you promote it. Do not hesitate to contact us for submission to the Call for 2014 (before March 15).


See RD 1494/2011


See guidelines for project submission  pdf

View Document PIN

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