Catalonia | Aid to promote the selective collection

New call for funding for projects that promote the separate collection of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste in Catalonia.

TES/1348/2013 Resolution of 19 June, approving the bases and making public the announcement for the year 2013 for assistance for projects promoting the separate collection of the organic fraction of municipal waste.
Beneficiaries of this aid will be local and municipal public enterprises from Catalonia.
Eligible activities will encourage separate collection of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW) using the following differentiated two types of projects:

  • Implementing new projects or expansion in the scope of the collection of the FORM: is intended to incorporate new residents or new large producers in the field of the OFMSW collection or exclusive self-composting as a way OFMSW management.
  • Projects and actions to improve the collection of the OFMSW: we want to get better in quantity and / or quality of the OFMSW managed in municipalities already underway collection service of OFMSW.

Specific features and default some of the materials and actions to be subsidized:
a) Buckets for the OFMSW collection at home.
b) Compostable bags for the collection of the FORM.
c) Actions of counseling, communication and information.
The performances of counseling, communication and information accompanying the projects requested shall include a work plan, and a description of the planned actions detailed conveniently (Schedule, calendar, information material, communication media, improvements in local sites, etc.).
The communication campaign and information included in their messages carry the environmental benefits of separate collection of the organic fraction, how to do it and service characteristics. Not eligible personnel actions carried out with the same local authority.
d) Containers for the collection of the OFMSW.
e) autocompostadores

The deadline for applications is September 20, 2013.
Resolution TES/1348/2013 pdfResolution TES/1498/2013 pdf

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