CLIMA Projects 2016

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment opens the fifth call for grant Climate Projects.

The Climate Projects Call 2016 launches on 29 March 2016 by opening the deadline for submission of project proposals whose entry into operation not later than 2017. In this call, the FES-CO2 and aims to continue momentum development of programmatic initiatives that encompass several projects within the same program.

The Climate Projects aim to support and promote low activities on carbon by purchasing verified emission reductions of greenhouse gases generated in the diffuse sectors such as transportation, residential, the waste, agriculture livestock, industry fluoradoso gases not subject to the system of emissions trading.

The call for projects 2016 Climate has a budget of 20 million euros, which will allow the Carbon Fund FES-CO2 acquire the verified emission reductions generated by the projects selected.

From now on, the presentation phase samples of interest, which ends next May 15 opens. In this first phase project screening compliance features and basic requirements for consideration as Climate Project will be assessed. Project promoters who are shortlisted in the initial phase of call for project proposals will then be invited to detail the proposal by submitting a project document. Shortlisted projects that do not pass this phase may be resubmitted in subsequent calls.

The Climate Project have shown, in the space of four years, to be an effective fight against climate change achieving reduction of CO2 emissions in our Spain, thanks to the mutual interest of developers and the Ministry own instrument.
Climate There are two types of projects:

  • Traditional project Climate: is the project that includes one or more activities defined, with a date of concrete implementation for each of them.
  • Program Activities: it corresponds to an expanded project approach that includes several activities that are progressively added to the program, allowing similar activities and that are distributed in different geographical areas of Spain, can be grouped into the concept of a program. In addition, under this program concept, the gradual accession of activities that fit into a common denominator, ie offering the same type of action is allowed.

The FES-CO2 intended to accommodate the development of programmatic initiatives that encompass several projects under one umbrella or program.

The programmatic approach allows similar activities with low volumes of reducing greenhouse gases, which are distributed in different geographical areas of Spain, can be grouped into the concept of a program.

Today, with some 200 projects approved reducing emissions, this initiative undoubtedly contributes to progress towards a green economy and low carbon society.

To date there are 19 types of Climate Project, created based on ideas received from the project promoters. For each, the Fund has developed methodologies for calculating emission reductions.

Promoters can present new ideas, for which new methods of calculation if these fit with the basic requirements of the Climate Projects will be developed.
See RD 1494/2011 


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