Desertification 2012-2013

Call of proposals for public bodies to stop desertification in Europe. (Until June 17, 2013).

The overall objective of this call for proposals is detailed information on water resources in selected pilot basins and demonstrate the potential of management, technological and economic measures to improve water management in order to halt desertification in Europe and reducing vulnerability to water scarcity and drought.


Actions envisaged:

  • Develop a balance of water resources in the selected watershed (s) following a methodology consistent with the construction of the European balance of water resources in the System of Environmental and Economic Accounts for Water (SEEA) and in the framework of the monthly resolution under reference system "European basins and river network system" (ECRINS).
  • Testing innovative solutions for the collection and integration of data necessary for the balance of water resources (eg, control river discharge).
  • Testing at local / regional / cross-border integration of balance of water resources planning in watershed management.
  • Identify management measures, technological and economic that apply in the selected watershed (s) that promote optimal management of water and avoid unsustainable water use.
  • Propose, based on the potential savings in the selected watershed, and targets specific sector water efficiency, water reuse goals and objectives related to ecosystems and their services, land use and climate change adaptation, thereby conserving and / or restoring the natural balance of water.

Organizations can participate: Public entities (all types)
Areas of action: Bodies or institutes must have their headquarters in the Programme which are: European Union (EU), Economic Area, (EEA), Candidate Countries.
Community financing: Community provisional funding available for the call for proposals has a total budget of 0.75 M €
Deadline for applications: Monday, June 17, 2013.

Call of proposals:



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