"Door to door" waste collection, pioneer in Barcelona.

Old Sarrià presents an ideal setting to begin the deployment of the first door-to-door waste collection system throughout the city of Barcelona.

It is a pioneering system that leads the Zero Waste strategy in the city of Barcelona and is comparable to that used in large European cities and Catalan municipalities, also assuming an improvement in the quality of public space for residents:

  • More free public space as a result of the withdrawal of containers from the street.
  • Improvement of urban furniture by the installation of new bins with lid for small format waste.
  • Cleaner streets and squares.
  • Improvement of the quality of the waste collected in all the fractions and, especially, those that come from the organic matter (reduction of improper).
  • Improvement of air quality as well as reduction of noise levels.

The deployment of the door-to-door collection system consists of three phases:

  1. The first will feature information and participation sessions, which begin in mid-October 2017 and will be held until the month of December. In this first phase the Permanent Office of attention to the neighbors will work, and the environmental informants will participate in some acts.
  2. The second phase will consist of the communication campaign, starting in January 2018, in which the necessary material will be distributed: buckets, garbage bags, informative material, etc.
  3. It is expected that the door-to-door collection system will be launched on February 19, 2018.

sm actively collaborates in this Door to Door campaign, organizing informative and participatory sessions, providing the knowledge and experience of the environmental informants necessary to encourage the participation of citizens. In addition, within the communication campaign, it will distribute the necessary material such as organic cubes, garbage bags, informative material (guide and magnet) and a door-to-door campaign explaining to citizens the functioning of the new system.
Service operation
The waste generated in households is previously separated and deposited in the street according to the collection model established. Regardless of the waste collection model, the fractions to be separated are:

  • Organic waste: remains of meat or fish, dried flowers, cork stoppers, eggshells or shellfish, paper towels, etc.
  • Recyclable (plastics + metals): water jugs, plastic bags, beverage cans, plates, aluminum foil, porexpan trays, plastic plates and cups, small steel cables, thumbtacks, etc.
  • Glass containers: bottles, glass jars, etc.
  • Paper and cardboard packaging: cardboard boxes, newspapers, magazines, etc.
  • Rejection: cigarette butts, traces of sweep, cotton, pens, etc.
  • Sanitary waste: diapers, compresses, animal excrements, etc.

Citizen involvement
The collaboration of the citizens in the door-to-door collection of waste is key to achieve all the expected benefits. In this sense, it is necessary that the neighbors take the commitment to use correctly the implanted system and foster the pride of being the first neighborhood to implement it.
The system of door-to-door collection implies new habits for the citizen, since he must comply with the indicated day to remove the agreed fraction of the waste, as well as in the schedule of lowering the garbage (from 8 pm to 10 pm) and collecting community or commercial cubes (before 10 am the next day).
In addition, you must call previously to request the service of the collection of the rest of pruning, the collection of sanitary waste is done four days a week, the commercial collection of organic matter extends to all the bars and restaurants in the area and the containers or glass jars have to take the green container.

Contribution areas
The emergency contribution areas are intended to provide an alternative to deliver waste. This complementary service will be carried out on the days that there is no expected collection and the service will work in the morning.
The service consists of a traveling vehicle with different times and locations within the area: in Artós Square (from 8 am to 10 am), in San Vicente Square (from 10.30 am to 12 noon) and in the Plaza de la Villa ( from 12.15 to 13.45).
The cube of organic matter carries a chip identifier, like the translucent bags of recyclables (plastics + metals). It is also planned to identify those bags or cubes left outside of the days / hours of collection, and will be done with a "bag or bucket left incorrectly" adhesive.
During the informative campaign of the deployment of door-to-door collection and until timely communication, no sanctions are foreseen for non-compliance


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