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Call for submission of R & D financed by the EEA-Grants/Programa of Science and Technology in Environment and Climate Change. (Until October 4th)

Call for Projects of R & D financed by the financial mechanism of the European Economic Area (EEA- Grants) program within the Science and Technology Environment and Climate Change.
Projects eligible.

The purpose of this call is to fund R & D projects in order to obtain products , processes or services or significantly improved in the thematic areas of renewable energy, energy efficiency, environmental technologies and climate change.

Eligible projects must show differential technological aspect of the technologies on the market in the field of these subject areas . Projects may include both industrial research and experimental development.

Projects may be individual or in cooperation (national or international). Be highly valued partnerships with entities, public or private, of Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein (donor countries).



Companies established in Spain responsible for the initiation, preparation and development of an R + D2. In the case of collaborative projects between Spanish companies, requires formalizing an Economic Interest Group (EIG) or consortium run by a private agreement of partnership, formed by at least two independent companies.
In the case of projects in collaboration with Donor State entities EEA (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein), these entities may act as suppliers of the promoters of the project (companies receiving aid), as partners in a collaborative project or as partners for the future exploitation of the results. In the latter two cases, the program will not finance the costs of the Donor State entities EEA.
The submission of applications will be made until the October 4, 2013 , at 12:00 noon, CET.
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