Return System of beverage containers at Cadaqués

Results of the pilot test to analyze the impact of a DRS and assess the level of return of tank containers.
With 10 partner establishments within the town of Cadaqués, the Foundation Returns held from April 15 to June 30 piloted Return System of beverage containers.
This was essential to know the data and characteristics of the container contents and was sm, sistemas medioambientales  the company commissioned by the Foundation for Waste Reduction (Returns system) to perform these characterizations. The contents of containers and packaging rejection, in order to take data before the test and during the test was analyzed.
Our team consists of characterizing Josep and David were the technicians in charge of accounting packages, separating, identifying and quantifying between different types of packaging. The 4 previous characterizations made ​​by sm, revealed that in the separate collection of packaging in tank was 12% in Cadaqués.
During the 3 months of the trial, have been returned a total of 81,000 containers, which corresponds to 76 % of sales on average, although seen a clear trend high, being the last week of the test 90% the amount of returned containers.
All project participants (shops, establishments and citizens) show pride in their participation, demonstrating that the system works, it has been easy in their day to day and that his municipality is now cleaner.
Report (with Spanish subtitles) on conducting a test pilto Return System Beverage Containers Single-use in the town of Cadaqués (Girona) from 15 April to 30 June 2013 by the Fundació per a la Residus Prevenció of the Association Returns and supervised by the Waste Agency of Catalonia.