Selective collecion | 5th container in Pamplona

Implantation of the separate collection of organic matter in Pamplona

sm, sistemas medioambientales has won the tender to carry out direct communication measures for the implementation of the separate collection of organic matter in the Pamplona.
The contract with Services of the Pamplona, ​​SA is the Plan of direct communication and proximity to implement the separate collection of the organic fraction of waste (phase III) in the Pamplona during 2015, which has led us to open an office in the town, for more control and better flow of the project.
The action plan includes:

  1. Home visits: organization, proposed information content, placarding, delivery notices, protocols, etc.
  2. Fixed Point information: location in each neighborhood or town, staff, schedule, logistics management, etc.
  3. Itinerant information point: location in each neighborhood or town, calendar, personal care, logistics management, etc.
  4. Singular generators: description by types or categories, identification area action plan, etc.
  5. Major producers: description by types or categories, identification area action plan, etc.
  6. Awareness actions: actions for each district or locality for both child and adult audience, calendar by area, places of realization, calendar, promotion, etc.
  7. Historic center of Pamplona: Communication Plan proposal for the implementation of the two different collection systems for residents and professionals, with details of the actions and places of realization, calendar, working protocol, promotion, etc.
  8. Educational Program: Specific to streamline the collection of organic matter in the centers with dining rooms as well as a proposal for general educational activities for the whole community activities.

To do this, we have incorporated technicians Pamplona to the team, together with the project coordinator, will conduct informational tasks in fixed and mobile points, home visits and delivery of materials, planning and implementation of activities information targeting the singular generators, large producers and schools, scheduling advocacy, etc.

Objectives of the Plan:

  • Involve as many individual people, unique producers and large producers) in the separation and deposition of the organic fraction of the waste in the 5th container.
  • Engaging in home composting the largest number of people living in houses with gardens.
  • Collect useful information and value at the end of each phase in order to improve the remaining phases of the communication plan, participation and outcomes.
  • The quantitative objective is that at least 40% of households in the neighborhoods of Pamplona and populations that will extend the new service in 2015, adhere to the separation of organic matter by the 5th container or home composting. This means that you will reach the figure of 39 882 households with a total of 99 706. The information linked to each entry must devote himself to the database that will be delivered to the Commonwealth at the end of the contract.
  • Reinforce the collection in neighborhoods and towns that joined this system in Phase I and II, for the years 2013 and 2014.

Since sm, welcome to the fifth container and new partners, hoping this project a professional and personal success for all.
You can find us in the new office:

sm, environmental systems, SL
Av Marcelo Celayeta, 75 -. IWER Ship Building U3, Office 9
Tel. 948 59 Nov. 19

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