It is a document that lets you know how effective is the property in relation to their energy consumption.

From June 1, 2013, as the new Royal Decree 235/2013, of April 5, the consumer buying or renting a home, shop, office ... must receive a certificate of energy efficiency information on the energy characteristics of the building. This document should collect information such as:

  • Information identifying the building or house, including cadastral reference.
  • Description of the energy characteristics of the building.
  • Procedure has been used to obtain the energy efficiency rating.
  • For existing buildings, which rules on energy saving and efficiency, was applied at the time of its construction.
  • Recommendations for improving the energy efficiency of the building.
  • Energy efficiency rating of the building energy label expressed by a.

They must have this certificate:

  • Building of new construction.
  • Buildings or parts of buildings which are sold or leased to a new tenant, except if they have another energy certificate in force.
  • Buildings or parts of them where a public authority occupies a total useful floor area over 250 m2 and usually serve to meet the public.


  • Buildings and monuments protected by their architectural or historic or part of a protected environment.
  • Properties or any portion thereof used exclusively as places of worship and for religious activities.
  • Temporary buildings with a planned time of use exceeding two years.
  • Industrial buildings, defense and agricultural or parts of them, in part for workshops, industrial processes, defense and non-residential agricultural.
  • Buildings or parts of buildings isolated that have a useful surface less than 50 m2.
  • The purchased for major renovations or demolition.
  • Existing residential buildings or parts thereof, which use is less than four months a year, or other time-limited with estimated energy consumption of less than 25% of what would be a normal use during the year, provided that the landlord established on a declaration.

Application for Certificate
Responsible for obtaining and maintaining the energy certificate is the owner or, if applicable, the developer, who must also provide this document to the competent body of each community. In each region, the body responsible for building energy certification must be enabled to perform track inspections, and technical and administrative control of the certificates issued.
Becoming certified energy efficiency grant the right to use, during the period of validity, the energy efficiency label, the contents are collected the recognized document corresponding to the energy efficiency label, available on the General Register. The label will be included in any offer, promotion and advertising to the sale or lease of the building or building unit. Should always appear on the label, clearly and unequivocally, whether it refers to energy performance certificate or building project finished.
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